New MiniDMD Pinball Display Mod
Add to most pinball machines having 6 volt coin door lights.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not for Chicago Gaming Remakes or Jersey Jack Games.  Those games may use 12 volt light sockets on the coin door.  This is only for use with 6 volt light sockets.

This plug-and-play kit allows you to add scrolling / blinking messages on various parts of your playfield for more illumination and fun.  Messages are easily loaded into the MiniDMD via wireless Bluetooth using your iPhone or Android smart phone and a free 3rd party App.  Add game call outs, rules, slogans, or whatever you’d like.  These are great for older pinball machines that didn’t have DMD displays.  Connects to most pinball machines with standard 5-6 volt coin door lamp sockets.   Available in Red, Blue, Green, and classic Amber.  Upper and lower case text and some pictograms are available.  You can even create your own basic pictograms.  Scroll speed, direction, chase lights, blinking, other effects and brightness are adjustable.  Retains message memory when powered off.  The MiniDMD comes with enough wire to allow placement in a wide variety of locations.  Just make sure it is clear of any ball travel or moving parts.  Attachment can be done with the included mounting tape, or vertical mounting adhesive brackets.  This set uses less power than a standard 555 or 44 incandescent 6v light bulb.  Each kit contains installation instructions, one display unit, 9 feet of wire, mounting tape and a pair of mounting brackets, and one bayonet and one wedge LED power adapter (warm white). The display unit is 93mm wide x 30mm tall x 6mm deep. Not compatible with Williams F-14 pinball machines.