New BriteButtons™ Classic RGB
Illuminated flipper buttons for early solid state Bally, Gottlieb, Stern and Game Plan pinball machines. 

Light up your flipper buttons any color or multi-colored with this very easy to install kit; no drilling, soldering, or tapping into wire connections! This kit includes two unique, patent pending LED boards with an in-wire color mode controller.  Simply install the clear flipper button set that comes with this kit and plug the LED power into one of your working coin door lamp sockets (wedge or bayonet) with the included adapter LED.  Even with the multiple LED's, this light kit uses significantly less power than a standard incandescent lamp.

Each kit contains 2 lit buttons, 2  warm white power connection LED's (1 #44 and 1 #555) and easy installation instructions.

​Flipper button and housing fits the following manufacturer’s reference numbers:
Bally reference #C-905 & C-904
Gottlieb reference #B-16680 & #C-13900
Classic Stern reference #4B-200 & #48-199
Game Plan reference #03-40013N & #03-40014N