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​About BriteMods

Modern Pinball is an amazing fusion of artwork, sound, light, software, engineering, and physics; all wrapped in themes that people love.  The general public assumes Pinball is still more or less the "bing-bong" electro-mechanical game of the past.  While EM games were great for their time, the pressure from video arcades and advances in solid state electronics drove Pinball designers to develop more captivating play field toys, dramatic sounds, and stunning light shows, along with animated dot matrix displays and sophisticated rules.

Today, most Pinball machines are found in home use.  Collectors love their machines, often dressing them up with new parts, accessories, and "mods".  While some collectors prefer to keep their machines stock, many enthusiasts upgrade their speakers, lighting systems, and play field toys to enhance the entertainment experience.

At BriteMods, we share the passion to develop tasteful, innovative, and affordable mods for modern solid state Pinball machines.  We work closely with suppliers, parts re-sellers, and enthusiasts worldwide to bring fun new solutions to market.  We also welcome your ideas..  Enhance Your Pinball Experience!

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