BriteCaps™ EVO 
Premium Pop Bumper Lighting with Flashing Centers
The ULTIMATE Pop Bumper Lighting with Flash React™Technology
All-new Patent Pending technology that adds brilliant Enhanced Visual Output PLUS switchable flashing effects to your pop bumpers. Topside, 24 Side-Fire LEDs project colored light into your pop bumper cap - not your face! In the center, 6 colored LEDs can be always on, or switched to "Flash React" to ball strikes. As the pinball hits the pop bumpers, the center lights will emit momentary flashes of light, controlled by the vibrations of the pop bumper. This unique feature adds new interactivity to games where otherwise the lighting of the pop bumpers is unresponsive. Underside lighting is also provided with 10 white LEDs to illuminate your playfield's natural color and artwork.
 No Wires. No Glue. Just Plug It In! Use with your existing caps, or new ones, 
including optional clear caps together with the colored LEDs of your choice.
Note: This plug-in lighting modification adds approximately 5 mm total height to your pop bumpers. Not recommended for very tight clearance locations or where partially cut pop bumper caps are required on specific games. Compatible with any Stern, Williams-Bally, Data East, or Sega pop bumper that uses the standard body (03-7443-5) and a #555 wedge lamp. This light kit is plug-n-play!  No permanent alterations to your machine. Simply replace your current pop bumper light bulb with this kit. Check out the video demo!

​Kit includes:

Instuction Sheet, Pair of Screws, Lighting Board with your choice of LED colors: red, blue, green, white, yellow, purple, orange.   Power requirement is 6.3 volts AC or DC

Approximate power consumption specs comparative to an ordinary incandescent bulb:
Incandescent #555 lamp - 0.25 amps
BriteCap™ EVO on FULL POWER - 0.26 amps

Values provided based on white lighting.  Slight differences may be found between incandescent lamps and different LED colors.  Results also subject to specific power output of pinball machine used for testing.