BriteButtons The Best Illuminated Flipper Buttons.

​​New & Improved - now with digital controller and memory to set your lights for flash patterns such as Pulse, Blink, Strobe, or adjust Brightness. BriteButtons are a superior approach to flipper button LEDs.  Having 12 LEDs per button, they are brighter and with more uniform lighting than other illuminated button systems and are extremely easy to install.  Just remove your old buttons, install the new button-lights, and plug in to your existing 12VDC power system.  No drilling, no screws, no tape.  Uses a radial min-SMD array to provide bright, 360 degree illumination of the included clear buttons with significantly less light leakage into the pinball cabinet.  These are provided as kits, configured to fit modern Stern (1999-present) or Williams/Bally WPC/WPC-95 (1990-1998), and Jersey Jack Pinball's Wizard of Oz, The Hobbit, Dialed In, and Pirates (POTC) machines.  Now Available - Kits for use with the classic 80's Williams-Bally System 9 & 11 Games!   Notice Regarding Audio on System 11 Games:  On certain models, especially those with the MPU model 11A, you may notice a slight audio hum when the game is in attract mode.  This hum is mainly noticeable if the BriteButton controller is set to "pulse" mode.  Hum will be reduced or eliminated if the BriteButtons are set to steady-on or blink mode.  Results vary depending on model and condition of the machine.

​PLEASE NOTE:  Stern SAM kits will also work with the Chicago Gaming Company Remake Games Medieval Madness, Attack from Marks, and Monster Bash but requires manual connection of 2 wires.  Please click the red CGC INSTALLATION button below for a PDF on the special connection instructions for use with CGC Games.  There are also adaptation instructions for Spooky Pinball's TNA.  For TNA connection info, please click the purple TNA INSTALLATION button below for a link to the Scott Danesi web site.