BriteRings-now with better looking Micro LEDs
Brilliant Colors. Easy to Install. Affordable & Compatible.

BriteRings use new and improved technology; now with 30 micro-LEDs on the top side to provide very uniform lighting.  The bottom side uses 10 natural white LEDs to provide proper color and illumination of your playfield.  Just choose a color and glue these LED rings into your existing or new pop bumper caps.  BriteRings have fully adjustable brightness and LEDs last for years; using significantly less power and heat as compared to incandescent bulbs.

Note:  not recommended where partially cut pop bumper caps are required on specific games.  Compatible with any Stern, Williams-Bally, Data East, or Sega pop bumper that uses the standard body (03-7443-5) and a #555 wedge lamp.  No permanent alterations to your machine.  Simply replace your pop bumper light bulb with this kit using your current pop bumper cap. Check out the video installation demo!

Power consumption specs comparative to an ordinary incandescent bulb:
Incandescent #555 lamp - 0.25 amps @ 6.3V AC/DC
BriteRings™ on FULL POWER - 0.17 amps @ 6.3V AC/DC

Values provided based on white lighting.  Slight differences may be found between incandescent lamps and different LED colors.  Results also subject to specific power output of pinball machine used for testing.

Click image above to view video.