New BriteButtonsClassicRGB

For Early Solid State Bally, Gottlieb, Stern and Game Plan pinball machines. Plug-And-Play! No drilling or soldering, required.

Our Mods include BriteButtons™ BriteCaps™ BriteSound™ and BriteEyes™.

We work with Pinball Enthusiasts and Suppliers worldwide to develop innovative, affordable Pinball Mods.


BriteCaps™ EVO​
​The ULTIMATE Pop Bumper Lighting
with Flash React™ Technology


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BriteButtons™ now available for Willams-Bally System 11 & 9 games and Jersey Jack. Also adaptable for Chicago Gaming Pinball and Spooky TNA!

We've heard your many requests, and are pleased to announce that BriteButton plug & play kits are available for Jersey Jack Pinball. And now - a new line of BriteButtons kits are available for the classic Williams System 9 & 11 games such as Space Shuttle, Pinbot, Fire! Earth Shaker, and more. See our dealers for availability. Together with the BriteButtons kits already available for Stern SAM, Whitestar, Spike, and Williams WPC/95 games, there are hundreds of pinball machines compatible with this very popular accessory.

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