​Pop Bumper Lighting for Bayonet Sockets

BriteCaps™ Classic LED lighting for pop bumpers with #44/47 style bayonet (BA9) lamp sockets. Designed to fit right inside the pop bumper body of most popular pinball machines from the 1970’s and early 1980’s. These superior LED boards will brilliantly light up your pop bumper caps, plus add a nice glow to the white translucent pop bumper body beneath the cap. They contain more LEDs than previous boards on the market. The top side has 8 “side fire” LEDs plus a large center LED. 

The bottom side of each LED board has 4 very bright LEDs providing natural white lighting downward, into the pop bumper body. This adds a soft glow to the playfield and whole pop bumper. A selection of colors are available: cool white, warm white, red, blue, green yellow, orange and purple.

A brightness adjustment screw is on the bottom of the board to tailor the upper and lower LED brightness to your preference. The LED board will fit Williams style bayonet lamp pop bumpers, as well as float fit into other pop bumper bodies such as Bally.  The LED boards have a diameter of 38 mm and use about 20% less power than a typical #44 light bulb.

If your pop bumpers have wedge (555) type sockets, try our economical BriteRings™ pop bumper lights. Or, for a premium lighting platform, try our BriteCaps™ EVO with optional Flash React
feature. Both are designed for modern Williams/Stern pinball machines with a standard 70 mm cap diameter. Enhance Your Pinball Experience!

Approximate power consumption specs comparative to an ordinary incandescent bulb:
Incandescent #44 lamp - 0.25 amps @ 6.3V AC/DC
BriteCaps Classic™ on FULL POWER - 0.20 amps @ 6.3V AC/DC

Values provided based on white lighting.  Slight differences may be found between incandescent lamps and different LED colors.  Results also subject to specific power output of pinball machine used for testing.